Annunciate – a poem by Melanie Figg

She’s been called
to the door. Inspiration
awaits in the garden—a winged
lover, back-lit and eager. A boy,
really, with angelic hands. It sometimes
goes like that. But often it is                               
agony—months of waiting
and then suddenly he shows. 
She turns the corner and gasps: petals 
scattered on the street, the catalpa 
after days of rain. She drops her attention 
deep and interior, her gaze focusing 
down and to the left to search for a thread, 
scavenge for a phrase, a rhythm 
to begin to build a vision upon: white flowers
on the road. She promises
to remember it for later, how 
his fingers traced her jawbone
and begged her to speak.

Melanie Figg is the author of the award-winning poetry collection, Trace. She is a recent NEA Fellowship winner and her poems and essays are published widely. As a certified professional coach, she offers workshops and writing retreats and works remotely with writers on their work and their creative process.

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