Waiting for Life – a poem by Lisa Molina

Waiting for Life

In the pediatric cancer
transplant unit.
10 agonizing days and nights.

Will his body embrace the 
donated cord blood cells?
(As I once embraced him as a young infant and child?)
Or reject them.
Refuse them.
Causing his death.

The children
on the other sides
of two walls
our our room
have whispered 
their final breaths.

My child is still breathing.
Living a life
between deaths.

What is he dreaming?
Has he descended to the depths?
Lying in a dark cave?
Lazarus awaiting?


For Resurrection.

Lisa Molina lives in Austin, Texas. She has taught high school English and theatre, served as Associate Publisher of Austin Family Magazine, and now works with students with special needs. Molina’s poems can be found in Trouvaille Review, Indolent Books, Ancient Paths Literary Blog, and The Poet- Christmas Anthology 2020. 


  1. lisalitgeek says:

    Thank you, Sarah, for publishing my poem on this very special day of Waiting faith. So grateful my son is alive today, and for Amethyst Review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lisalitgeek says:

      That should read “Waiting in my faith”


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