Tom in The Upper Room – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

Tom In The Upper Room
Need me at all? If not…
I turn and look at him. Like that. 
He just blows a kiss 
through the palm of his hand.
The garden throbs with shadows,
scatters spring along the gaps
of branches, nibs of grass
all scribbling nothing.
I remember lockdown.
Nowhere to go, not much to do.
Fitting my hand to his side
like the piece of a puzzle.
Fingers wriggling into
the warmth of his flesh.
Unexpectedly soft 
as a newly healed wound.

Carolyn Oulton has been published in magazines including AcumenArtemis, Envoi, The Frogmore Papers, from the edge, Ink Sweat & TearsNine Muses, Orbis, The Poetry Village, The Moth and Seventh Quarry. Her most recent collection Accidental Fruit is published by Worple Press. Her website is at

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