After John Muir – a poem by Barry T. Brodie

After John Muir 
I will fuse spirit skies. 
I will touch naked God. 
I will span ancient hues. 
I will wrap silent cries. 
I will grasp holy breath. 
I will burn holy scents. 
I will chant unknown hymns. 
I will dance empty steps. 
I will bless magic trees. 
I will call mythic birds. 
I will push mountain streams. 
I will fill mirrored lakes. 
I will name countless tides. 
I will stride endless shores. 
I will spin nightly orbs. 
I will toss diamond stars. 
I will stoke brother son. 
I will fan sister moon. 
I will look with my heart. 
I will sing from my soul. 
I will spin endless poems. 
I will keep quiet tears.
I will ache soundless joy. 
I will weave glory days. 
I will fuse spirit skies. 
I will know what I know. 
I will touch naked God. 
I will be what I am.

Barry T. Brodie
is a poet, playwright, actor, director and teacher.  He has written two books:  The Language of the Star – Journals of the Magi and Tom Thomson – On the Threshold of Magic (Black Moss Press).  He is a co-founder of Shō Arts Studio in Windsor, Ontario.  He teaches a course on the creative process at the University of Windsor.


  1. Paul Sargia says:

    Terrific poem, Mr. Brodie

    Liked by 1 person

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