We Measure by the Second-Hand Circling – a poem by Molly Fuller

We Measure by the Second-Hand Circling
tick of breaths in / breaths out 
                            water rising / receding 
the way young children 
gather daisies 
to fashion into necklaces, into crowns
later pick petals off 
   one by one by one
sing riddles, make up love’s depths predicted
by flower 
stamen, pistil, thin leaves arcing around 
the tender yellow button
praise of tulips, of a lily’s soft unfurling
the butterfly/ bee/ hummingbird
the nectar 
the sweet buzz and hum          a wing / a whir 
                       a pearl in a nest of moss 
the precarious hope of an egg 
late May / early June 
from greening leaves curling open 
moth larvae on the end of thin silk threads 
hung like hair ribbons
filaments shimmering in dusty light 
We want to feel the wondrous 
the way water leaves us
evaporates into clouds , into air
the way a bird’s small body
curves into feathered flight

Molly Fuller is the author of the full-length collection For Girls Forged by Lightning: Prose & Other Poems (All Nations Press) and two chapbooks Tender the Body (Spare Change Press) and The Neighborhood Psycho Dreams of Love (Cutty Wren Press). Her work has appeared in Nothing to Declare: A Guide to the Flash SequenceNew Poetry from the Midwest, 100 Word Story, NANO Fiction, and Bellingham Review.  She is the recipient of a 2020 Artist Residency from both Vermont Studio Center and Wassaic Project. Fuller is the winner of the Gris Gris2020 Summer Poetry Contest. You can find her on Instagram and twitter @mollyfulleryeah.  

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