On the Rue du Bac – a poem by Martin Potter

On the Rue du Bac
Begin by the Quay d’Orsay
And entering the quartier
First a broad and straight few blocks 
Then things start to narrow 
Press of the older city
Start to bias leftwards
Steady like a scythe blade
You couldn’t see the end of the long
Street’s shaded inverted
Trajectory always hid
Its faces your future a few
Minutes ahead askew
Until you sighted a crossing of roads
Ahead and here’s a doorway
You’re behind Le Bon Marché
Nuns are streaming in
A sudden phenomenon
And seeming magnetised you join
Their subterranean movement
The shopping day steps on
In its interiority
Courtyard and chapel quietly
When seated something is let free
Under the colour of Mary
And Catherine Labouré

Martin Potter (https://martinpotterpoet.home.blog) is a poet and academic, and his poems have appeared in AcumenThe French Literary ReviewEborakonScintillaInk Sweat & TearsThe Poetry Village, and other journals. His pamphlet In the Particular was published by Eyewear in December, 2017. 

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