The Frogs – a poem by Ryan Scariano

The Frogs  
For a moment the frogs 
swim near the surface 
and I’m gazing down at them, 
reaching with my eyes 
and ears and thoughts 
toward their waiting. 
They’re interested, willing 
to give. I listen and want 
to replicate what they offer 
in these sheer seconds. 
To get it right, I must also 
bring to bear the memory 
of dawn gasping 
365 million years ago. 
I’m not yet able to do this, 
but I’m getting closer. 
I’ve begun to sense the bird, 
how there’s only one, 
how it’s tethered 
to this earth. It’s both sides 
of my breath.   

Ryan Scariano is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Smithereens, published by Imperfect Press, and Not Your Happy Dance, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. He lives in La Grande, Oregon and works at Eastern Oregon University.


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