Plainsong – a poem by John Muro

                           Bonum est diffusivum sui
                          (The good pours itself out)
                         - St Thomas Aquinas
Mid-summer sky, hallelujah bright,
Waves rising in exultation, gulls tilt
For ballast and slowly rise like a 
Devotion in gusts of salt-glazed air. 
Wooden grids of cottage windows 
Are filling up with candle light, 
And the rush of incense seeping 
From hedges of sea roses, sherbet-
Pink, consecrates the air or the 
Makings of this day when heaven 
Seems closest to us and would 
Willingly lift, fold and cast all 
Burdens sea-wards leaving for us 
This shoreline’s indelible shining, 
The benediction of milk-blue water and 
Tinseled filaments of whispering light.

A life-long resident of Connecticut, John Muro is a graduate of Trinity College, Wesleyan University and the University of Connecticut. His professional career has been dedicated to conservation and environmental stewardship, and he has held several volunteer and executive positions in those fields. His first volume of poems, In the Lilac Hour, was published last fall by Antrim House, and it is available on Amazon. John’s poems have been published or are forthcoming in Moria, Euphony, Third Wednesday, Clementine Unbound, River Heron, Amethyst Review and several other literary journals.

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