Tea Leaves in Confinement – a poem by Amelia Díaz Ettinger

Tea Leaves in Confinement
Mornings are for finding words,
but the leaves in my tea
float orange and green
among the ginger, turmeric
dissolving in spoonsful of splendid honey.
This aroma sweetens the delicious quiet 
punctuated by bursting pops of sap
from the old stove.
The mild whistle of the wind brushes 
my windows. A seductress of play.
Mornings are best to write and amend
but the taste of tea lures me
to contemplate
the meadow with its brown brush
the long dark weight of Mount Emily
the nervous chirping of juncos under the hawthorn
their fleeting presence while they rummage the mullet 
I placed early in the moon’s shadow.
During this plague, solitude is the gift. 
Just like this morning’s tea.

Amelia Díaz Ettinger is a ‘Mexi-Rican,’ born in México but raised in Puerto Rico. She has two poetry books published, Learning to Love a Western Sky by Airlie Press, and a bilingual poetry book, Speaking at a Time by Redbat Press. A chapbook was released by Finishing Line Press in February, Fossils on a Red Flag. Currently, Amelia Díaz Ettinger is working on an MFA in creative writing at Eastern Oregon University.

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