Waking – a poem by Melissa Chappell


Light beckons—new eyes open—unhardened,
motes of light float in tremulous air.
It is my waking, and I am cresting with thanksgiving
as the Enoree crests her banks
when she is too full, too full, as joy is cresting
throughout these vining-most words, because
I—I am alive, if only a mote in the sea of 
God’s eye, even in these days of fermenting fear,
I am full of gladness.
And while fear and trembling may come with 
the coyote’s death howls,
hope never flees,
for in the morning, in the fire-green swaying
of trees, in the umbrous empty sparrow’s nest
--a jealous tomb--
Light beckons...

Melissa Chappell is a native South Carolinian. She has a BA in Music Theory and a Master of Divinity. Her latest publications are Doors Carelessly Left Ajar (Alien Buddha Press, 2020) and For the Next Earth (Wipf and Stock, publication pending). She shares her life with her family and two miniature schnauzers.

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