Evening Prayers – a poem by Antoni Ooto

Evening Prayers
They, the last of the grey ghost ponies
sleep above the valley, the warm blue of morning,
all their wonder bleeding away.
Rich is the moment of belonging. Sleep away…
till the dreams race you home
to the fields where
a yellow flower stands watching the sun.
Twisting ever so slightly,
nearly immeasurable,
but reaching none the less.
Evening prayers worn out
and the blue night falling, 
is this all that comes,
as if there may be more.

Antoni Ooto is an internationally published poet and flash fiction writer.
Well-known for his abstract expressionist art, Antoni now adds his voice to poetry. 
Reading and studying the works of many poets has opened another means of self-expression.

His recent poems have been published in Amethyst Review, The BeZine, Green Ink Poetry, The Poet Magazine, Brown Bag Online, The Wild Word, and many journals and anthologies.
He lives and works in upstate New York with his wife poet/storyteller, Judy DeCroce.

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