Cell Types – a poem by Andrea Kibel

Cell Types

Bubbles bunch in the bath
like staphylococci –
nature poking fun
at our idea of cleanliness.

Would that I could believe
in these tempting regularities,
the shapes echoed from scale to scale
like emblems of a fractal God:
God of spirals, God of branches,
God of blobs and hexagons,
God of little walking stick,
God of body politic.

Andrea Kibel is a new poet and 24-year-old graduate student in biology. A child of immigrants from South Africa and Zimbabwe, she grew up in the redwoods of California’s Santa Cruz mountains before studying in Dallas, TX and South Bend, Indiana. Andrea draws on science and nature, strangeness and isolation, and Jewish experience and imagery to create poems ranging from free verse to blank verse and sonnets.

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