The Hunch – a poem by Nicole Lee

The Hunch
I can’t watch John McEnroe
I want him to win so much
he’s brilliant but oh so
volatile and I know
that if I care I’ll doom him
if I watch he’ll surely lose
his insouciance his touch
But that is magical thinking
and obviously absurd
and when I’m kneeling
at the Communion rail
how primitive is it
when the vicar murmurs
Body of Christ His Blood
Everybody knows
when you’re dead you’re dead
and that’s just how it goes
there’s no such thing
as an immortal soul
and nothing’s changed
by a prayer you’ve said
Yet the demonstration
of particle physics
that observation
switches quantum states
the butterfly effect
e equals mc squared
law re energy
being a constant
able like the body
to be transformed
but not destroyed  
hint how this human
hunch is relevant

a clue left by God
that maybe he’s here
for are we not
energy made briefly
conscious and those
spasms Eternity’s
voice in our ear?

Nicole Lee was born in Kuala Lumpur and educated at Malvern and Oxford. She has worked as a banker in Hong Kong and London and now lives in Wandsworth, works in Kew and writes poetry. She has been published in various online journals and long-listed in the National Poetry Competition.

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