Inversion – a poem by John Muro


Brilliant as the day, the harbor could be
A second sky, a cistern of unblemished
Blue, with tides beaten smooth by wind.
Past the deep grass of the inlet, a light-
House in exile, adorned in a pastoral
Frock of arctic white, presides over the
Long altar of tumbled stone while a few
Gulls circle lazily above, like wisps of
Incense rising high into summer air.
Remembering, too, how the sky at dusk
Seemed to take on the look of land –
Say, an orchard just come into bloom –
With stars, palest rose and gold glistening,
Set adrift like tiny blossoms upon the wind.   

John Muro‘s first volume of poems, In the Lilac Hour, was published last fall by Antrim House, and it is available on Amazon. He is a life-long resident of Connecticut, and a graduate of Trinity College, Wesleyan University and the University of Connecticut. John’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous literary journals, including Moria, Euphony, River Heron, Clementine Unbound, Freshwater and the French Literary Review.

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  1. Tim says:

    John transports us again to the world of wonder around us. His detailed views of nature cause his readers to pause and appreciate life a little more. His poems often provide a welcome escape to joyful vacation spot — if only for a few precious moments amid our harried days. Inversion is a real treat.

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