The Tongue of Taliesin – a poem by Andie Davies

The Tongue of Taliesin

These rocks
		dw i wedi gofiwyd

I am holding in my memory
		creigiau’r gorwyd
		ar fy nhafod a ganed

What if they are from
the falling cliff-face
		yr afonydd gofiwyd

And not the tall mountains 
or the green valley?


creigiau’r – “the rocks”

dw i wedi gofiwyd – “I have remembered”

creigiau’r gorwyd – “the rocks sit”

ar fy nhafod a ganed – “on my tongue and sing”

creigiau’r – “the rocks”

yr afonydd gofiwyd – “remember the rivers”

Andie Davies (they/them) is a London based queer poet, where they are beginning their MA in Creative Writing. They run the student literary journal Roey Writes On and have been published in that journal and in the UniSlam 2020 Anthology. They perform at spoken word events and share their work @thepoetandie

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