Julian of Norwich Leads Yoga – a poem by Sylvia Karman

Julian of Norwich Leads Yoga

Settling before us skirts tucked
wool-shrouded legs folded
lotus blossoms.
She knows isolation—this one—anchored
within stone walls that block nothing—source, death
 even a hazelnut gets through. She brings
palms to center & we follow
moving mountain
pose to warrior one.
She explains, All will be well—
God said that, not me
while we wait legs trembling
until she lets us slide downward
dog arch up to cobra
straining serpents.
Hope is a stone we toss
into a deep question
& wait for a sound.
We fall to happy baby & she says
So I stretched, held those words
 like breathing.
We fumble into easy pose—not her,
 our lady of supple, reminding us
Now inhale now exhale now
again for a long dream of nows
until the muscles give.

Sylvia Karman’s work has appeared in Delmarva ReviewBlueline, and Writing the Land, among others. She lives in the Adirondack mountains of New York and in central Maryland where she hikes and writes for the love of the journey. You can visit her at www.sylviakarman.com .

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