Ship of Fools – a poem by Clive Donovan

Ship of Fools

You know I don't really belong here.
This planet is a prison ship – a trap for fools.
The game, the task: To decode love.
And when we die we get trucked off
To be verified, marked, dis-assembled, checked
– And then all the failures get sent back.

Perhaps I got it right last time,
Actually cracked the code and it was so great!
Could be, I volunteered to come back, show the rest;
Begged, pleaded, offered no baggage,
Had the nerve to queue-jump perhaps
– What an errant fool!

Clive Donovan devotes himself full-time to poetry and has published in a wide variety of magazines including Acumen, Agenda, Fenland Poetry Journal, Neon Lit. Journal, Prole, Sentinel Lit. Quarterly and Stand. He lives in Totnes, Devon, U.K. quite close to the river Dart. His debut collection will be published by Leaf by Leaf in November 2021.  

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