Burning Bush – a poem by Rachel Grandey

Burning Bush

aside.  Just turn aside
engage with the wonder and mystery
grapple with the strangeness of it.
Turn aside, feel flames kiss your cheeks
as the flames in your heart leap.
Gulp it down, that old foe fear –
all you are doing is looking.
The bush was ablaze before you ever came near.
Turning aside is not much
just pagan curiosity, a lump in the throat
dogged willingness, roughshod.
Turn aside.  Just
turn aside
a little moment, short breath-span
lean in to hear
perhaps just the wild beating of your heart
crackle of fire
or else the burning whisper, call of your name.

Rachel Grandey, originally from North-East England, studied literature, linguistics and anthropology before moving to South-East Asia to teach English. She enjoys sea-gazing, bird-watching, tea-drinking and early morning forest-exploring. Her proudest literary achievement to date is winning a signed Manchester United football in a poetry competition at the age of fourteen. Her poetry has been published in Vita Poetica.

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