Works of Love – a poem by Robert Donohue

Works of Love

One’s whole, two’s dual, but after three
We’re faced with multiplicity – 
But now we will dismiss this sum,
We only know two comes from one.
It’s one we know when on our own,
But if we think we’re all alone
However single we appear
Just speak your name: who’s there to hear?
This conversation implies two
We both believe as being you,
So let us say one is the lesser
And speaking first, is our transgressor.
The second listens, and forgives,
He knows a sin for what it is,
As for a third, we care, at most,
About him as for any ghost.

Robert Donohue‘s poetry has been published in Better Than Starbucks, Grand Little Things and Neologism, among others. He Lives on Long Island, NY.

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