The Sleeping Tune – a rondel by Dennis Daly

The Sleeping Tune

                         After Gordon Duncan

More than one adrift in silence,
More than nowhere in breaking light,
Within the sound of keen foresight,
We dance for day’s continuance.

Tease out a soul of excellence,
We see it step in soft eyebright,
More than one adrift in silence.

Relax the taut pull, the distance,
To praise again the good, goodnight
In which we curve, a satellite
That pulses with bedtime cadence,
More than one adrift in silence.

Dennis Daly has previously published seven books of poetry. He writes reviews regularly for the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, the Somerville Times, and Wilderness House Literary Review, and on occasion for Ibbetson Street, the Notre Dame Review and Boston College’s Religion and the Arts. Please visit his blog at

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