Waterdrops – a poem by Preeth Ganapathy


Leaves shimmer like
green candle flames
on wooden branches

the size of two rupee coins
thrum against glass panes –
the notes of a lullaby.

Dusk rolls a velvet
carpet for
the moon to coat stars

with milk at the mountain
tip, listen
to the melody of water.

a dragonfly
alights, knowing it is warm
in the folds
of silence.

The grey sky
lowers her feet
on the uneven marble floor
to land in a puddle.

The moon has turned
out dry. Her white face
untouched by waterdrops.

Preeth Ganapathy lives in Bengaluru, India. Her work has appeared or
is forthcoming in a number of avenues such as Origami Poems Project,
The Buddhist Poetry Review,  Better Than Starbucks
and Young Ravens
Literary Review
.  She is also the winner of Wilda Morris’s July 2020
Poetry Challenge.

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