Saint Joseph of Cupertino – a poem by Stephanie V Sears

Saint Joseph of Cupertino 
One unexplained, 
neither cogent nor lost, 
a breeze wedged out of the glooms. 
Of feather blood, hollow bone, 
beaten brainless by seashore wings 
soaring between light and mist, 
an Easter bell pealing  
a requiem to reason. 
Throughout the day  
he paddles clumsily, 
soon billows like a sail 
without keel or rudder 
to hang onto 
for lack of gravity. 
He has few words for himself. 
He blows smoke rings 
from an insubstantial mind. 
Never high enough go 
the unanchored birds or 
night’s orbed highways. 
Rising on currents of sudden feeling,  
he flies  
along widening geodesics 
of beatitude, 
departing for good 
from the confines of himself. 

Stephanie V Sears is a French and American ethnologist (Doctorate EHESS, Paris 1993), free-lance journalist, essayist and poet whose poetry recently appeared in The Deronda Review, The Comstock Review, The Mystic Blue Review, The Big Windows Review, Indefinite Space, The Plum Tree Tavern, Literary Yard, Clementine Unbound, Anti Heroine Chic, DASH, The Dawn Treader, The Strange Travels of Svinhilde Wilson published by Adelaide Book 2020.

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