Suns – a poem by Barbara Daniels


An owl that flew from the tundra 
waits on the ground, slowly 

turning its head almost completely 
around. If everything connects, 

owl to song, holly back to a quiet grove, 
can I return through vast galaxies 

to lie on the living room rug 
among fragrant pine needles, Mom 

and Dad asleep, the furnace wheezing? 
The elegant hand of Dad’s record player 

lifts and drops to scratched vinyl, 
Messiah joyously leaping the gaps. 

The sun comes up—beside it 
another sun, another, another.

Barbara Daniels’s Talk to the Lioness was published by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press in 2020. Her poetry has appeared in Cleaver, Faultline, Small Orange, Meridian, and elsewhere. Barbara Daniels received a 2020 fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. 

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