Niche – a rondel by Dennis Daly


I walk my dog on broken path
That crumbles into ocean tides.
High voltage lines above divides
The world below from aftermath.

The rain drives down. The storm hath
Blitzed. My intentions it derides.
I walk my dog on broken path.

If one still doubts, he checks the math
Or knows the way that God provides.
Apart I step, still mud abides,
Past woodsy niche I face that wrath.
I walk my dog on broken path.

Dennis Daly has previously published seven books of poetry. He writes reviews regularly for the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, the Somerville Times, and Wilderness House Literary Review, and on occasion for Ibbetson Street, the Notre Dame Review and Boston College’s Religion and the Arts. Please visit his blog at


  1. Dennis Daly says:

    Thank you Sarah. I’ve just begun reading Therese.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you Dennis, on both counts!


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