Stargazer – a poem by Tuur Verheyde


In the centre of the frame 
There sits a woman, 
Wreathed in cobalt,
Her body like a wind chime
Following the rippling air, 
Bending to the music 
Of the greater Whole. 
Unlike her Majesty 
She does not
Seek to master mystery, 
Her magick is symbiosis; 
Her story weaves like a wiggle 
In a wondrous tapestry of clouds; 
The Great Goddess is the wind 
That guides her course;
Her craft, the rain and light that 
Falls upon the soil of 
Immovable minds and 
Draws forth bloom. 
She sits sheltered in a room
Like an altar and a web, 
Each piece of art, of tech, of space, 
A thread to lead her towards 
The pregnant lands that expect
Her spring. She is Ariadne
Of the many mirrored maze, 
Following a multitude 
Of pulsing strands, 
Ever on her way to find 
The Goddess at their ends, 
Or from absence
Bring Her forth. 

Tuur Verheyde is a twenty-four year old Belgian poet. His work endeavours to capture the weirdness of the 21st century; its globalised art, culture, politics and problems. Tuur’s poetry seeks to further cultural, spiritual, political and emotional connectivity on an international level. His work is personal and outward looking.


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