Nostalgie de la Poussière – a poem by Clive Donovan

Nostalgie de la Poussière

There is no fresher moment than this one:
Like the new white heartwood of a tree
Or that un-blackened part of a chimney flue,
Flame-swept, or a kitten kept well-licked.

But, even when seductive memories, like dusty flecks,
Are flicked away in one, grand, impulsive gesture,
Yes, especially, even, in that sweet,
Mindful time of courage,
Does the cruelty of nostalgie strike:

For, knowing that a moment known
And fully met means death to it,
The quiet pain of this repeat embrace
Compresses to a jewel
Of exquisite note and cut. But
In the gathering contemplation
Of such moments,
Precious gems though they may be,
They are still just motes of dust
Obscuring merely

That clear tip of now which demonstrates,
When scoured of all nostalgic hours...
There is no sweeter state other than this
Nor place, nor polished moment more fine nor braver
To ache or repine for.

Clive Donovan devotes himself full-time to poetry and has published in a wide variety of magazines including Acumen, Agenda, Fenland Poetry Journal, Neon Lit. Journal, Prole, Sentinel Lit. Quarterly and Stand. He lives in Totnes, Devon, U.K. quite close to the river Dart. His debut collection will be published by Leaf by Leaf in November 2021.  

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