Wild Goose – a poem by Rachel Grandey

Wild Goose

Light on the path ahead
the sun’s last rays generous, prodigal
poured out in dying oblation.
All light dies, or turns;
flame fades to ash
and you are left a lonely coal, heavy-footed
lost in a darkness that encroaches and dulls.

But there is another way.
The sky to the west still burns
with quiet translucence
waiting to be filled; a gentle invitation.

So lift this turgid bulk, these trappings
take off, ungainly goose, drag your frame
into air that scatters you like snowflakes
with yet-glowing embers
and welcomes you to lightness and
fleet, home-bound flight.

Rachel Grandey, originally from North-East England, studied literature, linguistics and anthropology before moving to South-East Asia to teach English. She enjoys sea-gazing, bird-watching, tea-drinking and early morning forest-exploring. Her proudest literary achievement to date is winning a signed Manchester United football in a poetry competition at the age of fourteen. Her poetry has been published in Vita Poetica.

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