Seeing is Believing – a poem by Bernard Pearson

Seeing is Believing

When you look at the sky
And see absolutely nothing,
God's a bit like that.
Gradually you make out
Birds gliding high above,
Seeing the world as it is
Not, how we think it should be,
God’s a bit like that
You notice clouds,
That may or may not bring rain,
God’s a bit like that.
Then you are made aware of the sun
But can not look directly at it,
Because of its brightness,
God’s a bit like that.
And when night comes
It is black, and once again
You can see nothing at all,
Yet you know on another night,
Perhaps the next night
You will see the moon,
And her apostles the stars
Lighting the way,
God’s a bit like that.
© Bernard Pearson

Bernard Pearson’s work  appears in many publications, including; Aesthetica MagazineThe Edinburgh Review, Crossways, Patchwork, FourxFour, The Gentian.  In 2017 a selection of his poetry In Free Fall was published by Leaf by Leaf  Press. In 2019  he won second prize in The Aurora Prize for Writing for his poem ‘Manor Farm’.

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