Glittering Sea – a poem by Sally Thomas

Glittering Sea

After the woodcut print by Yoshida Hiroshi

Print gleam, like the sea
Holding light, the sun’s spillway.
River overlaid

On scratches of swell, 
It shines. Here a man might walk,
A dove fall, a voice

Cry in tongues of light,
This, this. Print the same story
Without naming names. 

In all things, gesture 
To light, as boats, foregrounded,
Trim their sails and turn

To follow the gray
Fleet nearing the brilliant seam
Where the sky begins. 

Sally Thomas is the author of a poetry collection, Motherland (Able Muse Press 2020), and a forthcoming novel, Works of Mercy (Wiseblood Books 2022). Her work has appeared recently in Autumn Sky Poetry Review, Dappled Things, North American Anglican, Plough Quarterly, and Trinity House Review. 

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