Triptych for Cosmic Music – poetry by Melanie Weldon-Soiset

Triptych for Cosmic Music


A garden Temple, vegetation green--
photosynthesis and fruits meant to feed.  
Yet we disdained divine call, and ate greed,
scorning the One who teaches how to sing. 
We didn’t know how to make music, tunes
like meager porridge dribbled from our tongues. 
We starved on our decorum, weakened lungs
no longer billowed once resounding rooms. 
God scattered us, nutrition to be reaped
in silence. An invitation to hear
sacred heartbeats, and feed ourselves afresh. 


But first we must cough up all that still creeps
inside—the toxins, constraining pride, fear.
We’ll have to face what we’ve tried to suppress. 
Have we heard scars release their ancient moans?
From the bottom of the canyon, keening
that bounces off sheer escarpment, meaning
a belly is waking, finally known?
Kinetic energy is freed to gush
throughout a universe anemic—weak
muscles then receive ointment from the shriek.
Symphonies need the sound of salve jars crushed.


One Day Soon
Franciscan monastery replicates
Italian, Near Eastern pilgrimage sites. 
In the Portiuncula, a widow’s mite 
in aria:  a humble voice creates
healing waves. I stand outside to receive. 
Inspired, I head to the catacomb
of Christ. I enter its resonant home. 
With a song from youth, I worship and grieve.
Amniotic sac pulsing, heart that beats,
bidding us babies to grow tongues, grow ears-- 
one day soon: lullabies around the crèche. 

Melanie Weldon-Soiset’s poetry has appeared in Geez, Vita Poetica, and Bearings Online. A 2021 New York Encounter poetry contest finalist, Melanie is a contemplative prayer leader, #ChurchToo spiritual abuse survivor, and former pastor for foreigners in Shanghai. Feel free to sign up for her poetry and prayer newsletter at

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