What the Monk Said – a poem by Elodie Barnes

What The Monk Said

Stop going hungry
and plant the quiet of midnight

It will root in soft ground and spread
like melted wax into darkness

Listen for the call of the animals whose home
this is - the owl the bat
the night flying moth
They are leaves on the growing stem

(The scent of jasmine will smother
your garden walls
Let it crumble them)

Watch for the moonflower
Its pale petals open only
for the stars that drip milk onto the earth
like water and you will know
when it has drunk its fill
The night will be full
of a language no one has words for

not even you

Look up
The sky is your mirror now
See which of your faces looks back
and welcome it
This is your first fruit

Elodie Barnes is a writer and editor. Her work has been recently published / is forthcoming in Gone Lawn, Lunate, Wild Roof Journal, and Past Ten, and she is Books & Creative Writing Editor at Lucy Writers Platform. When not travelling, she lives on the edge of a wood in northern England and complains incessantly about the weather. 

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