Journey – poetry by Liz Nakazawa



Here we begin to name:
branches and rushes, precious metals, animal flesh
feeding troughs, flinty stone
blue of ground up sapphires, yellowed letters, oxen
prismatic-celled honeycomb in rocky crags,
ruined cities, rocked
by previous generations,
jackals, estuary and stream


then counting begins:
lines on our palms,
age spots forming constellations
nebula reflecting nearby stars
scales like D-minor and
the number of arias running wild


at the crowning
is our contractile hearts
set within lessons cradled by metaphor,
the covenant of the numinous
where our timbres of vocal folds
fan out in the great blossoming
along with glad curiosity and
where our original frail sails
(in the dance of water and keel)
are now winnowed,
shook out and

Liz Nakazawa  is the editor of Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon (Ooligan Press), a collection of nature poems by 33 Oregon poets. It was designated one of the Best 100 Books about Oregon in the last 100 Years by the Oregon State Librarian. It was also a Best Picks of Powell’s.  She also edited The Knotted Bond: Oregon Poets Speak of Their Sisters (Uttered Chaos Press). Her own poems have appeared in Turn, The Timberline Review and The Poeming Pigeon journals and haiku has appeared in ahundredgourds. She has published a chapbook of her poems, entitled Painting the Heart Open.

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