Tooth fairy – a poem by Alice Watson

Tooth fairy

St Bride’s day,
the row of candles stand blessed,
and the snowdrops,
more haphazard 
yet still as full of cradled promise,
wait under the moon
outside your window

as I, slipper footed
swap first tooth for a single coin
weighing much 
more than it should.
Enamel, milk-like 
soft as your still-baby face
with the gap which has opened up

between us.
blackbird breaks the snow’s silence
and, deep within the hedgerow,
a nest is already being built.

Alice Watson is a new poet, a priest, and a mother to young children based in Northamptonshire, England. She is inspired by the natural world and her faith. She has had work published in Earth and Altar and Dreich. She chats about faith, ministry, and feminism (amongst other things) on Twitter @alicelydiajoy.

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