Ghazal: Remembering Dublin, 1964 – a poem by Gill McEvoy

Ghazal:  Remembering Dublin, 1964

When you ordered coal, and it arrived
brought by horse and dray along the unswept streets,

when a funeral passed by and people stood to watch
and crossed themselves respectfully all down the street,

when a queue of people blocked the pavements
waiting for a church to open on the crowded streets

because it was the day of “Blessing of the Throats”
and God alone would know the germs that lurked in city streets.

These are the details I recall, the reasons
that I fell in love and treasured Dublin City’s streets.

Gill McEvoy won the 2015  Michael Marks Award for The First Telling (Happenstance Press). She is a Hawthornden Fellow. Her recent collection is Are You Listening? (Hedgehog Press 2020) and a “Selected” is forthcoming from Hedgehog Press in 2022.

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