Who is this listening – a poem by Elder Gideon

Who is    this listening
To the aurora
Without source like
The iridescent aubade
Of robin songs dripping
From pine silhouettes
Reaching the opal
Ascent of sky
Who is this    listening
Is the first and last sense
Of one’s abode in this world
Has no ground like thoughts
That drift through the mind
The opal essence
Where neither speech
Nor voice are heard
Yet they plumb the earth    
Their words the world             
Who is            this listening
In the beauty of intimacy
Has all opalesced like dew
Abides the womb of morning  

Elder Gideon is the author of Aegis of Waves (Atmosphere Press, 2021) and co-author with Tau Malachi of Gnosis of Guadalupe (EPS Press, 2017). His poems have appeared in dozens of journals.

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