Beach Glass – a poem by Nancy L. Davis

Beach Glass
We traverse the park, grass shy
green, cowslip replacing muddy
tracks, air bright with spring—
welcome respite from quarantine.
Masked and cautious, we loosen
the dogs, who amble freely, chase
winter’s leaves, clutch broken
branches like buried bones,
oblivious to Covid counts
and fever chills.
Along the edges of summer freedom,
we search for meaning in crinoid
            rings, spiny sea amulets
            from another age.
Splashes of glass, manmade,
catch us mid-stride
as we reach with childish glee
            the rare find-
sharp edges smoothed by water’s
urging, shaped by time and motion.
Chance the currents pushed it
shoreline, luck we spot its
satiny surface—turquoise, pearl
moss or amber.
Chance we live in troubling times
luck we persevere.

Nancy L. Davis has published poetry in Cutthroat, The Orchards Poetry Review, Evening Street Review (forthcoming), The Dewdrop, From the Depths, and Best of Philadelphia Stories, among others. Her work has been awarded with a Puschart Prize Nomination, First Place in the Sandy Crimmins National Poetry Contest, Finalist in the Joy Harjo Poetry Contest, and Semi-Finalist in TulipTree Publishing’s Stories That Must Be Told anthology competition. Ghosts, her chapbook, was published July 2019 by Finishing Line Press.

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