Free – a poem by Simon Fletcher


I stroll up to the branching waterfall;
work done, I need fresh air and to be free.

It takes so long to find one’s second self, 
it seems, and there you are, a friend and free

of negatives, who tops me up on tap.
Your love’s an ancient waterfall, a free

resource of life that brings me to my senses,
always there, flows from the hills, the free

and purple-hearted mountains, deep in clouds,
where ponies, wilder creatures wander free.

I tumble in your love and, smiling, know
you’ve given me permission to be free.

Simon Fletcher is widely published and has performed across Britain and in Pakistan & Norway. He’s read his work on BBC Radio Shropshire & the BBC Asian Network. He runs poetry writing workshops in green spaces/ places and MCs the monthly online Virtual Voices event. For more go to:

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  1. Could your ‘second self’ be the same as ‘buddha nature’ I wonder Simon? Or True Self?


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