The Inner Ganesh in Our Soul’s Eden – a poem by S.T. Brant

The Inner Ganesh in Our Soul’s Eden

Your face is an elephant of roses in my heart;
	your soul I know,
For it is me stampeding, and off falls fire, 
	deciduous flames
On the tree of my being fill the steps of my running
	through your garden
And become other gardens where echoes stampede
	until all the microcosms
Of this joy exhaust the energy of limit
	and it submits
To this endlessness of feeling; birds fly
	from beneath my feet,
Created as the sound of my stampeding, singing
	into the air
Where they swim with the whales and dolphins and seals. 

S. T. Brant is a teacher from Las Vegas. 
Pubs in/coming from EcoTheo, Timber, Door is a Jar, Santa Clara Review, Rain Taxi, New South, Green Mountains Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Ekstasis, 8 Poems, a few others. 
You can find him on Twitter @terriblebinth or Instagram @shanelemagne. 

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