the snow is a metaphor – a poem by Rana Bickel

the snow is a metaphor 

i’m not so into purity these days but
man does the snow do it for me

pure white gleaming in the sun
like an endless whiteboard covered in glitter 
flawless and blinkingly bright
heaps of cold for miles

these days i’m about as pure as blood but
this view makes me yearn for 
a time when i didn’t feel this way

truth be told in my religion we’re more into 
blessed wine and living water
moving us through holiness
than stagnant virginity white

the wind meets me vividly on the downhill 
trees lined up like rows of eager candles 
snow perching on floating pine 

the snow is indiscriminate 
frosted on trees smeared on surfaces
clouding the mountain air 
turning everything from the earth to my breath 
into white itself

need i mention the mountains?
hovering purplebluebrown in the distance

sun on snow sparkles like nothing
natural ought to have the right to
blindingly whitepurplegreen 
as it begins to melt 

turning the inscrutable unknowable 
into clear clear water

almost makes me believe God could be

Rana Bickel (she/they) is a queer Jewish poet from Maryland residing in Chicago. She is a recent graduate of Barnard College where she was a member of the slam poetry team. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bourgeon Magazine, Thimble Literary Magazine, and the Jewish Literary Journal. She loves books, community, and rainstorms. 

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