Shared Divinity – a poem by Maryanne Hannan

Shared Divinity

The crucifixion is for everyone
We hear its echo night and day:
That moment God 
Became man became nothing

It's not like the Resurrection:
Our hope is in the name of the Lord 

Taken on faith
Faith alone

And it's not like the Incarnation: 
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done 

That despite a bit here, a break-through there
Lies dormant in our hearts

No, the Crucifixion is different
It’s with us always
In public and in private places
We don’t escape its cry

Some warranted blasts—
My God! My God! Why

Others oh-so-particular—
Have You forsaken me?

Maryanne Hannan is the author of Rocking Like It’s All Intermezzo: A 21st Century Psalm Responsorial (Resource Publications, 2019). A resident of upstate New York, she has published poetry in Christian Century, Windhover, Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry and elsewhere. 

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