Dandelions – a poem by Kristen Erikson


Brown blocks of ice
dot devils strips 
along Broad Avenue 
but it is April
after all and 
churchyard signs
eagerly announce 
that he is risen.

Winter’s leftovers
melt and the city girls 
sprawl oily in backyards
arms outstretched
heads bowed
praying for freckles.

Dandelions may be
just weeds but still 
my son plucks them 
from the earth one by one.

Do I hear them wailing
or is that my imagination
as he suffocates them 
in his damp fingers
and places them gently
behind my ear.

Kristen Erickson is a sister, mother, daughter, poet and hockey player living in a small Ohio town. She graduated from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania in 2008 with a degree in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. She writes poems and short stories about a variety of personal topics, like her childhood summers spent in Nicaragua, her interesting family and romantic relationships, and the whirlwind that is becoming a mother. 

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