Vessel – a poem by Cassy Dorff


Just to look 
at smooth clay curves 
makes me thirsty 
I know 
the healing warmth 
can bring. 
Like hot tears, 
after a guilty 
outburst. Or 
sunlit eyelids
to brave the dull, human 
illumination of
a surgery room. 
Hands awoke 
one morning to swirl 
this shape, to lay liquid 
inside me
to keep my throat from 
more apologies 
to keep me 	bright 
in the cavern of my maker’s
sun, to let me rupture—
when ready
into all my finest

Cassy Dorff lives in Nashville, Tennessee and teaches courses about politics, data science and writing as an assistant professor of Political Science. Cassy’s poetry is published at and Rust + Moth; academic research publications can be found at the Journal of PoliticsJournal of Peace Research and other outlets.

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