The Aspirant – a poem by Alicia Viguer-Espert

The Aspirant 

Doves dance in warm air
hands tell the Buddha’s story

with uneven voice not quite manly
a crescent walnut centered in his throat
ascending descending vocal tides 
dive deeper within

unable to get the divine pearl
young fisherman aspiring monk
dreams of Tibetan monasteries 
hoping brass bells’ sweet invitation

the empty bowl on the table
misses nurturing rice 
blessings from the receiver’s
fingered smooth beads 

meanwhile crossed legged on the stern
he quietly notices how life’s pattern     
resembles jelly fish swept away 
by unpredictable ocean currents 

Alicia Viguer-Espert was born and raised in Mediterranean Spain. She combines old and new traditions to elicit hope in her poetry. Her work has been published national and internationally. Winner of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Contest with ‘Holding a Hummingbird’, her second chapbook Out of the Blue Womb of the Sea, was published by Four Feathers Press.  She’s a twice Pushcart nominee.  

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