After a Summer Storm – a poem by Annie Morris

After a summer storm
At an open window
world made fresh
newly washed
in God’s best rain –
a cluster of drops
deck the sill
like miniature
snowless globes.
Trapped inside
a viscous dome
an insect thrown
on its back rocks 
to & fro, to & fro
to right its body
to free wings held fast
by force of water –
yet with a kind
of certainty
makes its way
to the sill’s edge
breaks through
the prison skin
and melded wings
spring apart.
Like a wordless prayer,
the creature flies away.

Annie Morris lives in SW London. Her poems have appeared in various online and print publications such as Minute MagazineAllegro, Red Wolf JournalBlue Heron Review, The DawntreaderShot Glass Journal and the anthology Myth & Metamorphosis (Penteract Press).

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  1. lineatatime says:

    Gorgeous capture Annie. Beautiful details in this stilled moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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