Sermons- a poem by Philip Kolin


The preacher's words winnow the air.
Pray with your eyes closed. Listen to
God singing. Be grateful for birds and breezes.

Humility means never carrying an umbrella.
Storms are temporary; sunshine is inevitable.
Don't let grudges worm into your heart.

Live on the heavenly side of your life.
When angels come, they come with seeds
in their pockets, not money. Time vanishes

in eternity. Tombstones are anchors for memories
of passed souls. When Jesus comes in the clouds to judge, 
he will utter one word to each of us. More? or Less?

Philip Kolin is the Distinguished Professor of English (Emeritus) and Editor Emeritus of the Southern Quarterly at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published over 40 books, including twelve collections  of poetry and chapbooks. Among his most recent titles are Emmett Till in Different States (Third World Press, 2015), Reaching Forever (Poiema Series, Cascade Books, 2019), Delta Tears (Main Street Rag, 2020), Wholly God’s:Poems (Wind and Water Press, 2021), and Americorona: Poems about the Pandemic (Wipf and Stock, 2021).

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