Dharma: Vision – a poem by Christopher Kuhl

Dharma: Vision

Day. Night. Their shadows
creep up slowly as age. We
are not prophets; we do not

live in deserts, where there 
is no hope of rain. No; instead,

I live with you in an old house
deep in the woods, and seize
upon the harmless wild of your

eyes. My gaze sees but does 
not penetrate. Am I blind?

Perhaps. Beyond the woods, I face
the wide, unbroken sea, transfixed
by the horizon.

Christopher Kuhl earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and one in 
music composition, as well as two masters of music degrees and a PhD in 
Interdisciplinary Arts. He taught English at the Illinois Mathematics 
and Science Academy. He enjoys reading a wide array of literature, as 
well as philosophy and history.

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