Sundown Psalm – a poem by Beth Kanell

Sundown Psalm
It starts in the evening. We bring the words,
find the shimmer of gold across the sky, the rose,
the whisper of a Presence just beyond the trees.
Remember before. Before the fruits ripened. Before
work took center stage, and evenings dwindled into
endings, mumbled farewells, wishes and wondering.
Let this evening be a promise: sweet dough
in a wide bowl, slow to rise, preparation for morning,
for baking, for cooling, for setting a table
a long slow reach of hours. Two candles, a prayer.
It starts, as always, opens, in the evening.

Beth Kanell lives in northeastern Vermont, with a mountain at her back and a river at her feet. Poet, novelist, historian, and memoirist, she shares her research and writing process at Find her on Facebook (, Twitter (, and

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