–Roots of Mist Between– – a poem by Fern Golden

--Roots of Mist Between--

     Grasping? Should it fade
what was half-remembered, now
     through a veil      unseen

          What is there to say?
     Precip ice, before progress…
          --roots of mist between--

           gambling memory.
 Of words to 
                    re-embrace whom? 
          Swallowtail saltwinds.

     & should I rewrite
          story & self direction
     is it all a game. 

          Q'udi qeyagha--
     "something new"
          --wove of kinship.
               ...I repeat myself…

Fern Golden (they/them or she/hers) is a Dena’ina Athabaskan artist from Alaska. Their writing navigates the confluences of culture and language, ecology and belonging, chronic illness, and healing.  

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