While we are gone – a poem by Emalisa Rose

While we are gone

Spring will soliloquy
while we’re away
then collapse once again
into that vortex of mystery
where only the winged world
has both privilege and privy to.

And somehow we’ll carousel
along with the sojourn of leaves
sadly contorting
into vague wisps of self

with us on the outskirts
where weeds ache with loneliness
forsaken by worldly pretension
yet at peace with the gift of exclusion.

When not writing poetry, Emalisa Rose enjoys crafting with macrame art. She volunteers in animal rescue, tending to cat colonies. She walks with a birding group on Sundays. Her work has appeared in Mad Swirl, Amethyst Review, Literary Veganism and other wonderful places. Her latest collection is “This water paint life,” published by Origami Poems Project.

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