More – a poem by Shane Schick


We can ask, we can imagine,
and we can even make friends
with what’s finite the way we wait 
for the wafer to waste away
on the warmth of our tongues.

Yes, we can ask; to constellate
the stars into fresh formations 
so that we could look up nightly
and leave horoscopes behind
for a glimpse beyond astrology.

Yes, we can imagine: to forgive
the sun for shining a rectangle
through the window, a brick 
worthy of an eternal kingdom 
but just one, without mortar.

We can even imagine more
we might ask; not to request
but to interview. And perhaps
the power working in us is
the answer we know is coming. 

Shane Schick is the founder of a publication about customer experience design called 360 Magazine. His poetry has recently appeared in EkstasisMacrina Magazine and other publications. He lives in Whitby, Ont. with his wife, an Anglican priest and their three children. More: Twitter: @ShaneSchick.  

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